A great love story between taste and passion.

SWEET KISS shops bring to many loyal customers the lovely sweetness of our products.

Our stores represent a must stop for handmade ice cream lovers. In every single Sweet Kiss shop you can discover the taste that have always been our best business card.

The quality of our products is the same in all our points of sale, because the production process is centralized.

In our studio we create a perfect blend, able to give to our ice cream an unmistakable and unique flavor, recognizable in every Sweet Kiss shop.

Inside our stores you may also find many different offers, such as handmade cakes, both in whole and slices, or semifreddo. In some of our stores there is even the cafeteria. A perfect place to start the day with the extraordinary and intense taste of our coffee or to end it with a delicious aperitif.

Sweet Kiss ice-cream shops offer you many exquisite treats, to dine in or to takeaway and bring home a bit of the sweetness of our products.


Sweet Kiss Livorno

Gelateria - Bar @Parco Levante

Via Giovanni Gelati, 10
57100 - Livorno (LI)

Tel. 0586 1881005


Una nuova frontiera.

È con vero piacere che SWEET KISS annuncia l’inaugurazione del primo punto vendita di gelato artigianale italiano a Pechino in Cina, all’interno del centro commerciale più grande del mondo, il Fun Capital Park a Beijing.

Aprire in Cina è stato il coronamento di un lavoro iniziato nel 2003 che ha portato il format SWEET KISS ad una semplicità e solidità di funzionamento e rendimento che hanno convinto il nostro partner cinese a scegliere fra tanti il nostro franchising.

Our partnership offers have been specifically made to new affiliates.

We want to see you grow up with us,
Sweet Kiss believes in every single partner and supports him step by step.

We are a big family… Join us!

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