Professional Ho.Re.Ca. Products Line

Thanks to the matured experience in Handmade Gelato Production, high quality Desserts and Cakes and an important investment in an hig-tech laboratory, Sweet Kiss also becomes a production and distribution center to outsourcing sell as example bars, restaurants, hotels, catering and gelato shops.

 Horeca Line is completely Gluten Free, dedicated to outsourcing sell, allows to value a great handmade products variety to insert in your assets and guarantees an excellent high quality products offer.

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Restaurant Dessert Ho.Re.Ca. Line

Cake Ho.Re.Ca. Line

Single Portion Packed Ho.Re.Ca. Line

Premium Ho.Re.Ca. Line

Born to meet the needs of those who want to present with magic and class every single course

Luxury glass pack and attention to aesthetic details make the Premium Horeca Line desserts the best end to the culinary journey experienced by the end customer.

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Handmade Products with your Brand?
No problem with our Custom Ho.Re.Ca Line


Sweet Kiss products are made with the highest quality raw material, taking extremely care of production processes.

HoReCa Line is 100% GLUTEN FREE.

We are and will stay handmade taste crafters!

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