In our shops you can find ice cream created by pouring cream on a icy cold plate and mixed with fresh fruits. Enjoy the delight of the best ice cream of the world.


Discover our training course and create
the best ice cream in the world!


The handmade ice cream shop that becomes Franchise

Everything starts with passion.

Passion is also the driving force behind this fantastic adventure called Sweet Kiss. Since the beginning, our idea was to make ice cream combining the ancient Italian tradition of our Maestri Gelatieri with the innovation of new tastes and the finest selection of raw materials.

Pistachios from Bronte, Piedmontese hazelnuts, pine nuts from Pisa and Maremma’s wild strawberries are just some of the ingredients we use for our homemade ice cream.

Our ice cream makers have honed their art and technique in many years of experience in Vienna and they have combined it with the Italian tradition, giving birth to a perfect match able to delight the palate of all our customers, even after so many years.

The success was so great that we decided grow our historic ice cream shop and bring the sweetness of our products beyond Grosseto.

Starting from this idea we decided to ​create a network of franchises that could spread the high quality of Sweet Kiss outside the city. Today, many stores have opened all over Italy and abroad, and customers from all over can enjoy the delicious tastes of Sweet Kiss ice cream.

To become an affiliate of Sweet Kiss, not only means offering a wide range of great, handmade and impeccable products. It also means embracing our vision, our lifestyle, able to push companies at the search of the right balance between quality, craftsmanship, innovation and passion.

You can have a taste of our passion in every ice-cream we produce and in every Sweet Kiss sales point. Discover the greatness of the real “made in Italy” and have a taste of a truly traditional handmade ice cream!